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Renaissance for Jaguar

Jaguar RenaissanceAfter the arrival of the well-accepted and lovely mid-sized XF sedan, sumptuous and coddling XJ sedan and dynamic F-Type coupe and convertible (the first real high performance Jaguar sports car since the E-Type) there were lots of rumors about just what Jaguar would be coming up with to breach the 15,000 cars per year level that was leaving them the status of also ran. There was

1951 Nash Cooper, Superman on Wheels

For Dennis Varni a casual drive is called the Carerra Panamerica Race. Look up America’s Most Beautiful Roadster and yup, that’s another one of Dennis’ cars along with several Pebble Beach Trophy winners. There’s a lot of dust covering two prime species of really fast silver Mercedes Benz sitting in the front garage, hmm. You’ve never heard of a Nash Cooper have you?

Amazing results from Honda’s 2017 Acura NSX

2017 Acura NSX Launched at the Chicago Auto Show in February 1989 for the 1990 model year the Acura NSX had its own factory and complete assembly line. It was the first mass-produced car with an all aluminum body designed on a Cray supercomputer with three thicknesses of alloy to allow the NSX to come in close to 500 pounds lighter than a steel chassis car could. The original NSX was hand-built at